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    Please help save poppy.

    Poppy is a beautiful welsh pony, she is in a dealers yard and if we can’t raise the 250€ to save her, she will be shipped to Italy for slaughter next week.

    STOP! what you are you about to do.

    If you are going to give your money to a horse trader. he will take that money and buy another horse to put in her place, so his lorry will leave fully loaded

    Each time he dupes the public into buying, he puts the profit in his own pocket and pays for his family to eat.

    These dealers will take a picture of one horse and put it on sites all over the net. Perhaps four different groups will raise the money to save poppy, just lucky for the dealer he has another three ponies in his yard that look just like Poppy.

    This is one of the biggest scams going. TRUE

    I have been fighting these dealers for over 40 years and I can assure you they are laughing all the way to the bank.

    We have taken several of these horses because they were saved by sites in the UK and France and for one reason or another they were unfit to make the journey to their destination.


    The lorry usually turns up at night. The transporter paid for by her rescuers.

    Paperwork often illegible. faded or water damaged . On two occasions, we did not receive the advertised horses.

    If you wish to save a horse, do it before the meat man gets involved

    Every month we have at least one request to take a horse because the owners can’t find a home for it.                                                    Contact us to find out more

    A PIG Of A DAY

    The sight of 40 horses and ponies prancing around the fields snorting and stamping like 2-year-olds is quite a sight, the fact that most of them are in their dotage is cause for concern, and when you see a pig strolling through the field you know you have to act quickly. Grabbing some French bread from the back of the car I slowly lead the pig into a shed and closed the door. Although it did take some time for everyone to calm down everything returned to normal when the owner came to pick up miss piggy.

    Miss Piggy’s second visit was a little more difficult as she was unimpressed with the bread and shed idea and I was forced to forfeit my newly baked apricot tart to get her confined. Miss Piggy had yet again caused havoc as several fences were broken

    By the third visit I was being outwitted by the dreaded pig. As normal she gambolled down through the field towards me, but this time it was different. she looked at me smiled, and said “SHOWTIME” you could see how funny she thought this new game would be as she skipped off into the yard to terrorise the horses. Women of a certain age should not be running across fields in pursuit of a theatrical ham in the full light of day! Two hours later I had put so many ropes and chains around her, she looked like she had been gift-wrapped. With the help of a friend we hauled Piggy up into the back of the lorry and closed the door. Little did we know, worse was to follow.

    Yesterday morning whilst drinking my "wake up"coffee, my neighbour phoned to say, a group of our ponies were out in the farmer's field near to the main road. As I hurried out across the courtyard, I could see that the front 5 bar gate was on the ground and electric fence wire was strewn across the fields. 7 ponies were waiting on the drive, but, when I tried to entice them back to the yard, they turned and ran back towards the main road. It was a good half an hour before I had managed to get them all contained and then I realised, some of the big horses had also gone missing. The yard gates were closed but the gate to the tractor house was open, this route would normally be impassable to anything other than the agile wild pony. I followed the trail of destruction and to my horror, found one of our horses lying flat out underneath the John Deere tractor. Luckily for me, it was Vicki, one of our older cob mares and not one of the thoroughbreds. Although Vicki was on a slight slope and despite my heaving and straining I was unable to move her, Vickie had enough sense to know I was trying to help her and stayed perfectly still until I had worked out what to do next. I desperately needed help, but scrolling through my phone looking for someone local with a bit of muscle, returned nothing as everyone was absent or still in bed at this unsociable hour. So once again I turned to my little Chinese tractor to get us out of trouble, hooking Vickie’s rug to a line I gently pulled her out from under the John Deere. This clever little horse waited until I unhooked her and asked her to get up. She was a bit wobbly but on her feet and after a few minutes she regained her balance and walked calmly out into the field as if nothing had happened

    Dartmoor pony cull starts soon

    Please don't forget to write or phone this is the best time to start complaining about this vile annual ritual. Lets see if we can get this in the news now. please see under meat trade. This will happen again next year if we don't complain. don't expect to see the drift on TV it is now going undercover.  Stop these ignorant people from causing such distress to 100s of ponies every year.

    Where to complain

     Devon county council. The Dartmoor trust, The Commoners council. Any MP. The Duchy and Prince Charles and letters to the press