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Open day June 7th

                                                                         On the 15th May I visited an association in
Avranches called Greta. This association helps young people gain work experience by volunteering and running projects, in fact its rather like the apprentice, This year Greta has kindly chosen us for their end of year project and will be running  a special open day on Wednesday the 7th June. As this is a midweek event, our focus will be on providing a safe and fun environment for children and apprehensive adults to interact with the ponies that live here. Our ponies that work with special needs children will be here for your children to enjoy and ride
PLEASE Support this event as it is important to both Greta and Epona
BBQ .Rolls Cakes Ices Bar other refreshments
Games. Stalls. Raffle Entertainment

if you have a good river and would like to host this event. we would love to hear from you

Duck Race - Venue Needed!

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