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    Please help us to save the Dartmoor foals 2015

    foals are being born on Dartmoor now, their first view will be rain and wind, Hopefully they will enjoy the good weather in the summer and probably they will be killed in the fall .Please join our save a pony team and donate to saving the life of these persecuted babies. 

     Why do they kill the foals every year

    Because these are cross-breeds and the horse world does not like mongrels. 

    The Dartmoor X is intelligent, and strong. a little person with a big  personality

    Please help us to help them.  

    Please donate to help abandoned animals in France

    We are now in our tenth yea at Epona France and year on year the number of animals has and still is increasing, which goes to prove that organisations like ours are in constant demand.

    One could say that we are victims of our own success because although the number of horses, ponies, donkeys and various other animals continue to arrive, the funds to keep them all fed, housed and kept in good medical shape does not match the increase.

    By the same token, the amount of time that needs to be put in increases proportionately to the increase in the number of animals, but unfortunately the number of volunteers to help with the work-load also falls short, especially during the winter months.

    If there is anyone out there who understands horses and can spare a day or two a week, om a regular basis, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you either by telephone or Email., likewise for anybody who could splash a bit of cash in our direction, either as a single gift or, even better, a monthly donation we shall be most grateful

    Exactly what your money will buy

     We are extremely grateful for whatever you choose to give, but here is a breakdown of exactly what you will be providing: what your donations do

     Why  donate?

    Money is not easy to come by,  when we  give to charity we like to make a generous donation, but from the other side the smallest contribution makes such a big difference to the charity. A few people who donate a £ or € on a regular basis will help us secure a regular income and that in turn gives the rescue animals security. Many charities are vying for your donation and many employ very expensive staff, fund-raisiers and executives on 10s of thousands per year, our staff costs are nil and just a £1 donation will help    

    We also are in need of various supplies that we go through on a regular basis. Please see our list of wishes below to see if you can donate anything to help keep the rescue supplied. 

     Urgent need for:

    - feed buckets

    - horse feed

    - hay/straw

    - fencing supplies

    - ropes/ leads

    -  bandages /medical supplies

     New, used outdated, we will take it! Anything you might be thinking of throwing away could help us save lives. 

    Every penny counts and every penny goes to the animals that need support. Please make a donation direct to our bank account with an e mail to us. if you would like us to pass your donation on to another association ie cat, dog, donkey, bird, please contact us, there are some good associations working on a shoestring.  

    Please donate by clicking on the donation button on the left or by sending a cheque made payable to The Epona Trust to:

    La Couverie,

    La Lucerne D’Outremere,


    The Epona Trust’s Horses & Ponies need your help !


    The Epona Trust currently has over 80 rescue horses, ponies and donkeys and there are more waiting for us to take them in.  We have just taken on 8 new ponies including 3 mares in foal and 3 stallions requiring castration.  Another of our horses needs an urgent scan, and one of our larger horses requires ongoing specialist treatment from a blacksmith.  In addition to these escalating medical expenses, a harsh winter has left maintenance being required to the animals’ shelters and this year alone we will need to source in the region of 20 tonnes of hay for feed.

    As well as the ongoing requirement for a steady stream of income to enable us to keep providing each animal that we rescue with a safe and loving home for the rest of their lives, current demands mean that we urgently need to raise 3,000 Euros! 

    To reach this target we desperately need your help.  We simply cannot do it without you, so please take a moment today have a think about what you can do to help.