Animals at the Trust Animals at the Trust Archie abandoned on the moors in england 8952359 Lenny Beautiful dressage horse that was almost down the abattoir due to his little tantrums. Lenny learned he could take control if he played scared and he could be dangerous Lenny is fine now We ride him out time to time and he is super cool 8951984 Marcus Saved from slaughter and kept in a London garden until he came to us in 1986. A super thug. does what he wants when he wants. we love him to bits. 8951523 Molly Molly is a horse with a history. Irish mare who has had a difficult past, stories of stable hands pitchforks and spades> Molly has been associated with the charity for a few years now but she is never very sociable 8951525 Sable 8951910 Filou 10868784 Abyad 58963949 Pom Pom 58963950 Who are you 58963951 Ladybird and Violet 58963952 MipMip and Victor 58963954 Domino 188221951 Sisqo 188221954 Morvern 188221956 Aygar 188221958 Pikachu 188221959