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The Epona Trust

The official website for The Epona trust registered charity working for ponies and horses

Please consider sharing your home today!

We have several different FOSTER or ADOPTION options and there are so many animals who need your help. Everyone deserves to be in a loving family. 

Foster a Horse or Pony 

 Many of the equines have been through hard times and it is our responsibility to give them the best life possible. We would love to keep all the horses here, and we are all sad when any of them go out but we believe that the most gentle horses and ponies will benefit from a family environment where they can have a one-to-one relationship. Do you have room in your life to share with a horse or pony?

 Many of the animals that arrive at Epona have disabilities of some kind. Their first year is spent at the center so they can be properly assessed and or retrained. As a safeguard for all equine only non-working animals will be available for fostering within the first year, after that time, subject to availability you will be given the opportunity to take on a riding horse or pony.

  If you would like to help us provide a safe and loving future for any of the Epona horses and ponies, they desperately need sponsors and foster families. Anyone interested in becoming a foster family or sponsor of helper please see list of requirements below and then contact us for more information. 


All foster families must become members of the association 

All foster families are expected to provide:

- fields with stock proof fences,

- good shelter

 -hay and water

The foster family is expected to keep the animals feet in good condition and pay for regular trimming.

***The Trust will continue to pay for specialist treatment and long term medication when required***


Horses ponies and donkeys looking for foster homes right now



 *** urgent need of a foster home***

- Speedy is a young and playful boy and as such he does not fit in well with the rest of the pack here at the Trust. He is bullied by the older horses and  if we do not intervene he wouldn't be able to get enough food. 

- Speedy is a gentil soul and would love to find a home as a companion animal with another young horse

- Speedy is around 17 hh and is non-rideable as he has "wobblers syndrome"

can you help this young boy find a more relaxing and age appropriate home?


 4 Lovely Ladies

*** urgent need of a foster home***

- these elderly girls are currently happily being fostered but unfortunately their foster owner is returning to England

- they are in need of a new home as soon as possible


- almost 18 hh.

- She is a good horse as a companion as she is very kind, she does not gallop around causing havoc.

- Venus has to have a specialist blacksmith every 6-8 weeks and the trust will continue to pay for her treatment. 


 -  born in 2005

- stands 16. hh

 - Harry had a broken hip as a foal but this does not stop him running with the best now.


 May and Etoile 

- mother and daughter Shetlands

- compact but full of personality


We also have more horses, Shetland ponies, donkeys, a Breton with his mule companion and goats all available. Please inquire and we can find someone to best suit your lifestyle. 

*** we are always in search of horse knowledgeable and experienced homes as from time to time we have horses that have special needs or personality quirks. If you think you could help us out with this rewarding task please contact us to discuss***



To choose a pony you want to adopt and to see some of the ponies that have already been adopted click here



For just £25 or 30€ per year, you can adopt one of our ponies!  This is a wonderful way for anyone to get involved with the trust. You will receive an adoption certificate, a photograph of your chosen pony, an Epona Trust rosette, a fact sheet about your chosen pony and a monthly newsletter either by email or post.

Your membership fee will be a very welcome contribution towards the daily expenditure of the trust and make a huge difference towards the well being of the rescued animals. All proceeds are spent directly on the rescue animals. We all volunteer our time and we take no wages, nor do we spend money on advertising. 

To choose which pony or horse you want to adopt please contact us!




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